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Finnmark municipalities
Largest city of Finnmark county with Alta Museum and Alta Canyon in southwest of Finnmark
24 photos
Municipality in the northeast of the Varanger peninsula
31 photos
Municipality in the northwest of the Varanger peninsula
28 photos
Municipality in the east of the Nordkinn peninsula
22 photos
The northern most town of the world
11 photos
Municipality on the islands Sørøya and Stjernøya west and southwest from Hammerfest
no photos
Karasjok / Kárásjoga
Municipality north from Kautokeino at the finnish border
2 photos
Kautokeino / Guovdageainnu
In wintertime the capital of the people of Sami with more than 100000 reindeers
7 photos
Municipality east from Hammerfest
12 photos
Municipality around the Laksefjord
20 photos
Municipality west from Alta
no photos
Municipality in the west of the Porsanger peninsula and at many islands northeast from Hammerfest
no photos
Nesseby / Unjàrga
Municipality at the west end of the Varangerfjord
5 photos
Municipality with the well known rock of north cape, the northern most point of Norway at the island Magerøya
4 photos
Municipality around the Porsangerfjord southeast of the Nordkapp municipality
12 photos
Municipality in the south end of the Varangerfjord with the city Kirkenes at the russian and finnish border
49 photos
Tana / Deatnu
Municipality at the Tanafjord and along the river with the same name at the finnish border
21 photos
Municipality at the southern Varanger peninsula around the city of Vadsø
23 photos
Municipality at the top of the Varanger peninsula
33 photos

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