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Geographical data
County: Nordland
Inhabitants: 2700
Area: 929 km²
Larger settlements: Ballangen, Bjørkåsen
Highest mountain: 1724 m north from Frostisen glacier
Larger lakes: Small part of Siiddašjávri (71,91 km²), Langvatnet (14,36 km²), Børsvatnet (11,6 km²), Geitvatnet (9,87 km²), Storvatnet (9,76 km²), Melkevatnet (3,34 km²), Søre Bukkevatnet (2,49 km²), Hjertvatnet (2,44 km²), Kjelvatnet (2,39 km²)
Larger islands: Barøya (13 km²)
Neighboring municipalities: Evenes, Narvik, Tjeldsund, Tysford

The landscape scenery of the municipality not at all in the east is stamped by larger mountain lakes and mountains with glaciers on the top. The mountains in the south and at the Eford were cutted smooth by glaciers.
Economy and transport
The base of economy was the copper mining. In Bjørkåsen as well as at Tverrfjell and at Arnesfjell are closed minings. The roads E6 and in the south R827 are going into other municipalities. Southeast from E6 are only some roads and footpaths.
Punkt Landscape and suspension bridge at Efjord
Punkt Mining museum in Bjørkåsen
Punkt Waterfalls Forsåfossen
Efjord Nature at Efjord norwegisch


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