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You'll find on this homepage:
N 2964 photos from 231
                 municipalties of Norway,
                 sightseeing information files
                 of all 431 norwegian
                 municipalities, 500 links,
                 tables of norwegian counties,
                 national parks, urban
                 settlements and ferries going
                 over North Sea and Baltic Sea,
                 23 photo galleries
S   345 photos from Sweden
DK   135 photos from Denmark
FIN     87 photos from Finland
GB       9 photos Scotland
D   153 photos from Germany

          1786 photos of mushrooms,
            744 photos of vintage cars,
            237 photos of plants in Germany
            242 photos of steam engines and
                  tractors meetings,
             42 photos from Tank Museum
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Files and pages on this homepage:
Data volume 441 MB    26311 files    D  7283 pages   GB  4367 pages
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This homepage will be translated into english language in the next months. As long as the translation won't be complete remaining pages will be redirected to the pages in German language. Names of locations are only available in the national language of the origin country.

Following numbers of pages aren't translated yet:
  58 D - Lauenburg district photo files
  78 D - Lubeck photo files
 332 D - Oldtimer photo files from Bleckede
 147 D - Oldtimer photo files from Ellringen
 147 D - Oldtimer photo files from Barendorf
 236 D - Steam and tractor meeting photo files
1786 D - Mushrooms photo files
  19 N - Link files
  20 N - Old time cars photo files